[The Crazy Talks Trend]There are fewer and fewer pie available for smashing, and the decline is unsustainable

[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

Yesterday, the US CPI data was 8.6%, which exceeded expectations. The risk market was frightened and fell all the way. Nasdaq once again fell sharply. Although the cryptocurrency showed a certain defensive trend, it was still driven down by this negative situation. The madman gave you the situation predicted in advance in yesterday’s article. On the other hand, the probability of the United States raising interest rates by 75 basis points in June directly increased to 18%, but the current probability still shows that the interest rate will be raised by 50 basis points in June, July, September and November, and will increase in December. 25 basis points of interest rate, and the 3% interest rate target will be completed within the year. Not only has the inflation rate hit a 40-year high, but the rate of interest rate hikes is also rare in history, which will bring greater risks to the risk market, and funds will be tightened when a lot of money Flee some dream tech companies by turning to some cash cow companies with dividends. Fortunately, the crypto market is not a dream, it has become one of the most certain types of assets in the future, so there will be incremental funds to come to the layout.

The former U.S. Treasury Secretary thought the Fed’s forecast for inflation looked ridiculous. In March this year, the Fed predicted that inflation would fall to the 2% range by the end of the year. Such a prediction is now wishful thinking and means that the Fed is not credible. The more people who blame and doubt the Fed, the lower the trust in the dollar will be. Before there are more liquid assets, Bitcoin is the best cornerstone to undertake this distrust. This is also the reason why Bitcoin’s market value ratio has continued to hit new highs with the recent market decline. If Bitcoin is the status of digital gold, then Ethereum is more like a commodity and has become a victim of tight money.

The consensus conference in Austin, USA is still in full swing, and it is very lively. You can search for relevant videos online. On the other side of the earth, WEB3 with the background of blockchain is expanding and developing wildly. Constantly rushing to the fertile soil of science and technology, I don’t know if the gap between the East and the West will be widened again in a few years, at least from the current situation, the opportunities for future development obviously flow to Western countries.

At the consensus conference, Tether CTO stated that USDT is a human rights tool, one of the tools used by troubled countries, and believes that Switzerland’s Lujano B plan will incorporate Bitcoin and USDT into Swiss legal tender. The madman agrees with this statement very much. At least for now, the USD stablecoin is the best choice, because with the tightening of the Federal Reserve, the exchange rates of all countries against the USD will fall accordingly, prompting people to use more USD stablecoins and further expand The status of the US dollar, although the emergence of cryptocurrencies is likely to break the SWIFT payment system, the world still uses US dollars for settlement. The United States has firmly grasped the hegemony of the US dollar in its own hands, and has to admire its wisdom in the international financial field. At the same time, U.S. lawmakers said at the consensus conference that the U.S. stablecoin bill will be passed this year, which also illustrates the urgency of the U.S. to control the U.S. dollar stablecoin and use new technology to stabilize its hegemonic position.


Someone summarized all the speeches at the consensus conference and found that at this conference, no one thought that the current crypto market was winter. Capital and industry insiders in the upper reaches of the industry saw the development potential of the industry, but in China they always saw various Bear market remarks, this position has to call people to get off the bus, either crazy or a fool with insufficient knowledge.

The EU intends to reach an agreement on crypto regulation legislation this month, and EU regulation is coming soon, and everything is on the right track.

The governor of the Central Bank of Kenya said that cryptocurrencies will be introduced to reduce transaction costs and remittance costs. For some African countries, the finance is extremely underdeveloped, and they can only choose new technologies to pursue powerful countries.

The report shows that 13% of Canadians own Bitcoin in 2021, which is basically the same proportion as the United States. The encryption industry should be the first in North America in 2021, but now other countries are catching up.

Since the President of the Republic of Palau met with CZ, he will issue a digital resident ID card NFT on the BNB chain, upload the identities of all citizens to the chain, complete KYC verification, access digital banks, digital signatures, company registration and various ownership products. This Palau is really brave, it is equivalent to directly starting to establish a credit society. This experiment has even surpassed the Central African Republic’s Crypto Island Project and has become a new star in the global support of the crypto industry. CZ should be the first in this step.

American credit card giant Express will cooperate with Abra to provide consumption to earn cryptocurrency. Some exchanges such as Crypto.com have also done this before. In fact, it is very similar to the subsidy activities of WeChat Alipay payment in the past, which will greatly promote the construction of payment scenarios. , so in the near future, the encrypted payment scene in the United States will blossom everywhere like the current scan code payment.

Panic 12, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The circulation of Bitcoin on centralized exchanges is only 9.9%, hitting a new low since December 2018. There are fewer and fewer pie available to sell, so the decline has been unsustainable. If there is a wave of panic A new low, this round of decline is likely to end, patiently wait for the opportunity.

Ethereum: The pools of steth and eth have been significantly tilted, and some giant whales have begun to run on liquidity, because steth is actually an ETH2.0 anchor currency that does not have a liquidity function. In this case, there will be super giant whales. Encircling and suppressing these whales is just like the logic of smashing UST at that time, so this round of Ethereum is still rushing to liquidation, not in a hurry to buy the bottom, staring at the Pool of Curve, when will the ratio of the pool of steth and eth stop falling and start to stabilize? When is the time for giant whales to buy the bottom of Ethereum, that time will be the big bottom of this round of Ethereum. The short-term daily line deviates, there is a certain demand for rebound, and there may still be a new low after the rebound.

OP: The hacker returned 17 million tokens, the 1 million tokens from the Buterin address were also returned, and the other 2 million tokens were repurchased by market makers. This matter is over. But the recent market is not very good, the overall performance will be stronger than the market, but it is difficult to get out of the independent market.

Regarding the liquidation of ETH, the logic inside is more complicated, and the writing is relatively simple. If you don’t understand it, just read the conclusion, and keep an eye on the tilt ratio of the pool and complete the bottom-hunting.

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