[The Crazy Talks Trend]There is a chance to touch 41000 from tonight to tomorrow, but it is still difficult to escape the shock pattern


Madman says…

The former New York Fed president believes that cryptocurrencies have not been regulated for nearly 10 years. Once the regulation arrives, it will be extremely severe, and the longer it drags on, the more severe it will be. Including Dario also believes that the biggest risk of cryptocurrency is his success. Although we are far away from the ideas of politicians in the United States, we understand the encryption market. In fact, it is difficult to complete supervision. The only possibility is global unification. Supervision, real-name all blockchain addresses, just like controlling the epidemic, as long as the diagnosis (new address appears), it is necessary to track all his tracks (which IP was used to register), this kind of control is extremely difficult, so the madman thinks , when global supervision arrives, it can only supervise most cases, and unavoidable supervision will still occur, because the characteristics of the blockchain itself are like this, decentralization + anonymity, no trace.

In the Apple Store in the United States recently, the most downloaded is Truth Social created by Trump, and the second is Musk’s new Twitter. In the future, the biggest challenge for the US government should be freedom of speech. We can speak our minds freely and become more democratic. The government has to be timid in doing things, but this also shows a trend in the future. In the post-Internet era, it is more and more difficult to control the voice of the media. Only by satisfying the majority of people can it be truly stable, and community autonomy (DAO) is also accelerating towards this centralized world.

The general manager of the Monetary Authority of Singapore said that the encryption licensing system needs to be more stringent, hoping to provide a clearer regulatory message for the encryption industry, but does not think it will bring major financial systemic risks. The overall situation is still neutral, and Singapore neither opposes nor supports the development of the currency circle.

The Prime Minister of The Bahamas stated at the FTX Bahamas Conference that the Bahamas supports the development of the crypto industry. Last week, the Bahamas began to introduce the necessary framework and legislation for the crypto industry in the Bahamas. Another country chose to embrace. Fragrant pastry.


India is taking a cautious approach to the regulation of crypto assets, the country’s finance minister said. India has changed and swayed from side to side. I didn’t think about the future scenario of this industry. It is a pity that a large number of encryption talents have been lost.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of Nepal has notified that the use, operation and management of crypto-related websites in the country is prohibited, stating that cryptocurrency activities are illegal and criminal. This is more ruthless than what we have done, and it is a state of complete prohibition.

The Central African Republic officially authorizes cryptocurrencies as legal tender, and accepts cryptocurrencies to pay taxes. This country has a much stronger position than El Salvador, and it may become more popular than El Salvador in the future.

Dragonfly Capital announced that it has raised $650 million for its third crypto fund, and another small increment is about to come in.

Paypal CEO says it needs to double down on digital wallets because this is the future of the industry. The madman agrees very much with this point of view. In the future WEB3, the most basic application is wallet. The value transmission activities of various websites need to be connected to everyone’s wallet. Self-custody of assets has also become one of the future fashions. My money is my master.

Damac Properties, a real estate developer in Dubai, accepts bitcoin and ethereum payments. Dubai’s crypto development is too fast. It is precisely because there are laws to abide by and the result of doing things in the regulatory framework. I look forward to the embrace and supervision of various countries, because this will It will bring us huge incremental capital.

Sister Mutou said at the Bahamas conference that she will continue to apply for a bitcoin spot ETF, looking forward to the development of encryption regulation. Bitcoin spot ETFs are fat, and if anyone succeeds first, the annual management fee will be soaring.

Panic 24, still extremely panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The number of Lightning Network users has reached 80 million, an increase of 800% in one year. The future Bitcoin network needs to be maintained by the payment function of the Lightning Network. After all, the more and less miners are mining coins, the price will increase or the network activity will increase. The two should complement each other. The market is still oscillating around 40,000, and there is a chance to touch 41,000 from tonight to tomorrow, but it is still difficult to escape the shock pattern.

ETH: Strong linkage.

GMT: The data of shoes continues to grow rapidly, but after this wave broke through US$4, it is obviously weak, mainly relying on the positive pull. Opensea and Coinbase have launched the NFT of shoes and the currency of shoes respectively. Stop chasing, and consider gradually reducing positions. Pockets are safe.

XRP: CEO says company continues record growth despite SEC indictment. As soon as the market environment is good, it comes out to brag, and there are still opportunities to make up.

ENS: Benefiting from the airdrops issued by 10Kclub and Linkkey for ENS users, a large number of ENS domain names were minted and traded, and the data volume increased by 500%. At present, the price has rebounded to the pressure area, and there is a short-term demand for shaking positions.

TORN: There have been frequent hackers stealing coins recently, and there is a great demand for coin mixers, which can potentially benefit.

SHIB: Google search trends show that SHIB is the most popular cryptocurrency in the UK, and is also very popular in the rest of Europe. There are too many retail investors and it is not easy to rise, and it has to continue to be horizontal.

WOO: The Defi platform on the chain has added support for fiat currency. This public chain is mainly used for Defi products. The recent position is still low, and the linkage rebound is the main reason.

The game token Dar started the purchase of land, and brought a wave of blockchain games from Binance. The market has begun to make money, because it is the first time after the freezing point, so if the market falls, you can consider being bold and make some relatively aggressive small currencies.

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In this article[Mad Men Say Trend]There is a chance to touch 41000 from tonight to tomorrow, but it is still inevitable that the shock pattern first appeared in the block guest.


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