[The Crazy Talks Trend]There is a high probability of returning to 20,000 on the weekend, and the chance of a rebound is very large

[The madman talks about the trend]Slowly fluctuating down, it is expected to have no direction today and tomorrow

Madman says…

After all, 20,000 and 1,000 could not be saved. This wave of declines liquidated nearly 200 million US dollars of positions in an instant. As the market fell, more companies began to have problems. Only companies that focus on doing their own business can escape this. A round of liquidity crisis, whether it is an exchange that embezzles user funds or an asset management company that pursues high-yield wealth management without authorization, will not be spared in the fall, even if a Defi protocol like MIM embezzles the money in the pool to invest Whether it is UST (pursuing high yields) or buying CRV (competing for the governance of Curve), the agreement has become insolvent. At present, it is de-anchored and tilted sharply. Once it is run in the future, it is prone to collapse and death spiral. Some second- and third-tier exchanges are also not immune to liquidity, because users’ funds are not only stored in cold wallets, but enter into various financial management protocols and companies, such as the recent thunderstorms Celsius and PayPal Finance. After absorbing the funds of many centralized companies, the current liquidity crisis is still not over, and the level involved cannot be predicted. Only when the market decline stops, this “Lehman Crisis” can end. At the bottom, there will be a giant crocodile sacrificing the sky. Three Arrows Capital may not be the last one. Please protect your funds, put them in your wallet at this time, and don’t go to Defi easily. Please use the largest exchange for exchanges. , avoiding the back row exchanges, because there may be thunderstorms due to liquidity runs at any time.

The position of Three Arrows Capital has been liquidated by centralized exchanges such as FTX, Deribit, Bitmex and Genesis. At the same time, its funds in the decentralized protocol are also being liquidated continuously on the chain. Three Arrows has no power to fight back, and the funds A complete breakdown, funds associated with Three Arrows Capital should be classified as bad debts, all of which are chain reactions brought about by the collapse of LUNA, as the Fed said, the crypto market is extremely vulnerable because it is full of nesting dolls and leverage.

Crypto mining companies sold more than 4,400 bitcoins in May, close to the total sales in the first four months of this year. Due to the huge electricity costs in mining, they must sell their bitcoins if they want to maintain. Bifarms has just released According to official news, 1,500 bitcoins have been reduced to obtain 34 million US dollars. The continuous running of capital has made the currency price shaky around 20,000. Now that it has fallen below, more leveraged funds have been cleaned up, and the market trend will gradually become healthy. .

An anonymous address exchanged 45,000 ETH for USDC to repay the debt on AAVE. The browser shows that the address is related to Meitu Xiuxiu. In this round of decline, all leveraged investments are extremely risky, because Bitcoin has fallen by more than 70%. %, which means that as long as you have leverage, you will face liquidation. The market is now buying the bottom, but it is not enough to reverse the clearing of leverage. In the future, the bulls will regain the upper hand. After all, the consensus of Bitcoin is not over.


The chief investment officer of BlackRock believes that Bitcoin is a long-term asset and should focus on long-term prospects, while the boss of Grayscale parent company DCG believes that the market has reached the maximum pain and will buy Bitcoin. This kind of market is undoubtedly painful and desperate. Most investors should no longer believe that the market will rise. It has indeed reached extreme pain. Therefore, the madman added some leverage below 20,000 to find suitable opportunities when the market is down. , earning some coins is a very happy thing.

Panic 6, near an all-time low, the value shown tomorrow, may make history.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: It has fallen to a new low since December 2020, reaching the same situation as Nasdaq, and the number of profitable addresses has also hit a 22-month low, which is a good indicator, and will give a drop below 20,000. Bitcoin has a chance to take a breath. The leverage after falling below 20,000 has basically been liquidated. After it stabilizes, there is a high probability that it will return to 20,000 on the weekend. This is a good opportunity to steal more.

ETH: After falling below 1000, most of the funds have been liquidated, and the short-term short-term fuel has been burned. Therefore, the madman also added some leverage appropriately to earn some coins in the short-term. The chance of a rebound is already very large.

If it doesn’t break, it’s over.

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