[The Crazy Talks Trend]This position has not been able to continue to fall, indicating that the selling pressure of funds is very small


Madman says…

In the days when Europe and the United States did not open, the market seemed to have lost its soul and volatility. This is a great torment for us, but it can also explain a problem from the side. There is no selling pressure in the market at all. The signal of continuous bottom-building, all the chips are locked in order to walk out of a new chapter. People who have no knowledge of Bitcoin will gradually be thrown out of the car, and short-term holders who are not optimistic about his future will also sell their chips, and the rest They are all staunch peers, and the future will also belong to those who jointly lock the chips.

The head of the Dutch central bank said that the cryptocurrency market may soon become a threat to financial stability. This is due to seeing the unlimited payment potential of encryption and its constant circulation. Against the background of global inflation, capital will continue to flock to the encryption market, The decline in purchasing power after the accelerated currency over-issuance threatens the credit of fiat currency, resulting in a large area of ​​financial stability, in which cryptocurrencies will benefit infinitely. A madman can say that no matter how chaotic the world is, there will be as much demand for cryptocurrencies.

Google data shows that since 69,000 fell to 40,000, the retail industry’s interest in Bitcoin began to weaken. This is a normal phenomenon. After all, they are not professional investors. Now, it is these rabble that can maximize our benefits. Others are greedy and I panic, and others are panic and I am greedy. This is the reason why this phenomenon reflects.

Ukraine’s central bank has imposed additional restrictions on citizens’ cross-border transfers of assets, and individual investors are prohibited from transferring fiat to crypto exchanges. In short, in a state of war, the country’s currency will definitely be sold and devalued on a large scale. In order to avoid the decline in value as much as possible, it can only control the escape channel of its citizens to achieve temporary exchange rate stability.


Grayscale once again sent a letter to the SEC for its GBTC to be converted into a Bitcoin spot ETF. It seems that the pressure on Grayscale has begun to increase recently. It bought a Pixiu stock GBTC and continued to discount BTC significantly, making it impossible for people to complete the conversion at a normal price. Investors will definitely protect their rights. It’s so dark, maybe this is Hedong for thirty years, Hexi for thirty years, and the feng shui turns.

A partner at super law firm Dechert believes that Bitcoin is an asset mature enough to be included in a publicly traded vehicle. Bitcoin is indeed mature enough, and its liquidity is almost comparable to the currencies of various countries. The most important thing is that it is not controlled by anyone. If you want to enter and exit huge assets across borders in the bank, it is extremely difficult and expensive, but in Bitcoin Here, it is the regular operation of giant whales.

ARK continues to buy Coinbase stocks and sell GBTC. Although Coinbase is close to the new low since the opening, this does not affect Sister Mu’s continuous increase in positions. Coinbase’s future will still be linked to the currency price, so you can indirectly understand that Sister Mu is optimistic about the future. crypto market.

Panic 24, still extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: This position has not been able to continue to fall, indicating that the capital selling pressure in the currency circle itself is extremely small, and there is still a chance for a rebound later, so take it first.

Ethereum: For the time being, it is still a linkage market.

APE: Funds are currently in this currency. Both the daily trading volume and the amount of currency held by large holders are increasing. At present, the top 100 APE holders control 52% of the supply, and this time the exchange of $16 shows The decrease in the number of outgoing addresses and the increase in transaction volume indicates that large investors are gradually replacing retail investors. On May 1, the parent company of the project will issue the Otherside Metaverse project, and it is expected that APE will still be used as a carrier for transactions. Therefore, the market outlook will continue to be optimistic. The only hot spot in the market is likely to take over the GMT’s hype and continue to be a demon.

LTC: Taproot has completed the upgrade, and it is still imitating Bitcoin all the way. There is no innovation and little impact.

ENS: Coinbase is assisting ENS to release ENS subdomains on Dapp, which is conducive to the development of normalization, and there is a chance of oversold and rebound in the short term.

DOGE: Dogecoin transfer transactions are completed through StarChain, which is a bit like digital RMB (transfer without network), but the advantage of Dogecoin is that it is more decentralized, and it is more powerful backed by StarChain technology, but the audience is crowded. It should not be as good as the digital renminbi. With the continuous blessing of Musk, there is something to look forward to in the future.

Nothing else, there are few hot spots, just boil it.

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