[The Crazy Talks Trend]Today’s position is a strong support, and there is a chance to bottom out


Madman says…

The market is deserted. Those who can persevere at this time should have a reason to cross the bulls and bears and keep the flowers blooming. The market will always quietly build a bottom amid silence and doubts. It is destined that only a few people can make money in a trading market. Even if some people make a profit for a while, there is always a stage where they all take back, or even leave the market after heavy losses. All we can make is the money of these people. It is the easiest to make money in the currency circle. You can make money as long as you can endure it and endure loneliness. It is not like the next 14 years ago when you are still discussing 3,000, and even most indexes PE and PB have hit record lows. Which one is the value? Investing, as long as you have a little brain, you can understand it, so there is nothing to say, and you can outperform the people who are with you. What a simple and sincere truth.

The founder of Bitmex once again expressed his opinion that the global currency is collapsing. War conflicts and foreign exchange sanctions will gradually lose trust in the currencies of Europe and the United States, which will eventually push Bitcoin to $1 million, but he also gave this prediction a time frame. by the end of the century. The madman thinks this judgment is quite reliable. The superposition of various factors around the world is increasing the use cases of Bitcoin. There will be various forms of currency competition to replace the US dollar in this century, and Bitcoin is likely to be one of the competitors, or it may be Become a real digital gold and anchor various competing digital currencies.

The Brazilian Senate has approved the cryptocurrency regulation bill, which has been sent to the House of Representatives, and if passed, Brazil will likely sign into law to this end. Brazil has already stepped in, and only better supervision can allow more institutions to participate boldly.

The Central Bank of Cuba has announced that it will issue licenses to cryptocurrency service providers regardless of nationality. That is to say, Cuba supports all kinds of encryption companies to enter the country and begins to gradually enter a state of regulation. For some wandering encryption companies, there is another place to choose.


The Argentine Tax Agency supports the creation of a global encryption reporting system to avoid tax evasion. This is mainly due to the fact that the capital Buenos Aires has accepted cryptocurrency to pay taxes since yesterday. This layout is actually tantamount to recognizing the legalization of cryptocurrency Status, after all, Argentina’s own legal currency is not stable, and it is extremely beneficial to economic stability to collect some cryptocurrencies as financial reserves.

According to the Cambodian Ministry of Finance, Cambodia prohibits the use and trading of cryptocurrencies. The more centralized a country is, the more intolerant of the crypto market, and the more democratic a country is, the more acceptable it is. This is a market phenomenon caused by different powers.

The city of Fort Worth, Texas, approved the mining of Bitcoin, and the government will start mining. The mining industry is experiencing unprecedented development. The computing power of the entire Bitcoin network continues to hit a record high, and will increase by 4.39% tomorrow.

Fox Wallet and Moonpay have reached a cooperation, wallet users can purchase ETH and other assets through credit cards, debit cards and Apple Pay, and support transfers between more than 160 countries. This basically relies on cryptocurrencies to open up global remittances. In the future, the scale of cross-border banking business will become smaller and smaller, and will be completely subverted by cryptocurrencies.

Binance may set up regulated entities in European countries. Binance, the super-encryption overlord, has finally begun to embrace supervision. Whether it is the headquarters of the United Arab Emirates or a compliance company in Europe, it is a sign that encryption has moved from the wild era to the world. the mainstream.

The total outflow of $7.2 million in crypto investments last week was largely negligible.

MicroStrategy plans to provide employees with bitcoin investment options as part of its 401k investment portfolio, allowing employees to buy bitcoin for retirement. The CEO also thinks long-term. The CEO of ALL IN, get rich or get rich, it depends It’s been a few years.

Panic 21, again into extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The U.S. stock market has fallen too badly. Today, this position is a strong support, and there is a chance to bottom out. Therefore, the probability of a rebound at night is high. It is similar to yesterday’s idea, and it still revolves around 40,000, but Bitcoin will eventually be stronger than U.S. stocks. decline.

Ethereum: Linked to the market, it is expected to start to outperform the pie trend today.

OP: Optimism has issued coins, and you can pay attention to them in the future. Airdrops are only available for long-term users of this chain or early users. The public chain as a whole is still good.

Still the same sentence, you can outperform others if you endure it, why not do it?

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