The “Great Crash” of the global economy is coming! Author of “Rich Dad”: Get into the embrace of cryptocurrency

The “Great Crash” of the global economy is coming! Author of “Rich Dad”: Get into the embrace of cryptocurrency

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling financial management book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, once predicted that the global financial market will usher in a “big crash” that is more terrifying than the 2008 financial crisis. He recently called on investors to Jump into the arms of cryptocurrencies because an epic global economic crash is just around the corner.

Robert Kiyosaki told his Rich Dad Community subscribers on Sunday that he must step into the cryptocurrency space before the biggest economic crash in history, and reiterated his extremely pessimistic prediction:

I predict the biggest crash in the history of the world is coming.

While the famous writer warned of a prolonged economic downturn, he stressed that bear markets are the best time for investors to get rich because everything will be sold off.

Robert Kiyosaki: Now is the best time to buy cryptocurrencies

Robert Kiyosaki also said that the US Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department are destroying the dollar, causing people to start switching to cryptocurrencies that are not controlled by the government. He emphasized:


It’s not enough to just want to enter the cryptocurrency space, you need to jump into the arms of cryptocurrency now before the biggest economic crash in history.

Robert Kiyosaki has been recommending Bitcoin to investors for some time. He shared in an interview last year that he invested in Bitcoin mainly because he did not trust national leaders, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department and the stock market. Therefore, investors are urged to hoard bitcoin, gold and silver.

Robert Kiyosaki said in June that he was waiting for bitcoin’s price to test the $1,100 low, adding that he would add more bitcoin if it could recover from the slump. The next month, he also said that as major assets such as Bitcoin plummeted, he had prepared cash and waited for a bargain.

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