[The madman said the trend]Continue to hold positions and wait for a rebound, the strong pressure above is at 22,500

[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

The probability of the Fed raising interest rates by 75 basis points in July is 92.2%, so it is already a certainty that the Fed will continue to tighten significantly in July. Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Yellen believed that the inflation rate will not disappear immediately because of interest rate hikes, which is global rather than local. But it will decline in the next few months, which gives the market new easing expectations, which also means that in the short term, at least until the CPI is announced on July 12, the market will be relatively stable, which is a respite for the bulls, whether it is US stocks or The encrypted market is expected to rebound from the daily or even the weekly level. In the second half of June, it will not be so uncomfortable.

From the data point of view, this round of market decline is almost entirely due to FTX’s smashing market. The madman also said before that FTX is the current compliant exchange in the United States, and it is a gathering place for some traditional institutions to participate in the encryption market. Now from the chart From the point of view, the initiator of almost every drop is FTX, which has become the main battlefield of this round of shorts. It is not difficult to speculate that the short funds mainly come from traditional finance, which means that after the emergence of bad debts in UST, some people liquidated various leverages regardless of the cost to complete the acceleration of the decline. At this time, they took back the chips and completed a perfect high sell. Low suction, so if you ask me if 17000 is the bottom, the madman tells everyone that it is very likely to become a diamond bottom. The worst result may be a second test, and then complete the bottom construction through time. Near 20000, there is no Psychological baggage, unless you, like Buffett, think Bitcoin will go to zero.

Over-the-counter exchange Cumberland showed that during the last few days of the market’s sharp decline, over-the-counter trading volume hit the largest volume to date, and BTC accounted for more than 75%. This means that OTC capital is frantically buying BTC below 20,000, and it has also become the vanguard of this round of currency price stabilization. Later, as the bottom rebounds, more and more funds will come in to participate in the market. Yesterday, it became a short seller. doomsday.

Legendary investor Kevin O·leary said that although the crypto market is in a downturn, no cryptocurrency will be sold, and the crypto market has undergone a major adjustment. The best way is to cover your nose and get used to such fluctuations. The madman is still thinking while driving on the road today. Since entering the crypto market, the cost of joy and sadness has become very high. Because he often experiences roller coasters, he has long been accustomed to neither sadness nor joy, and rarely encounters exciting and exciting events. Things, and very few things make me sad, I don’t know if everyone has such an experience.


It is reported that Bybit will lay off 20-30% of the overall workforce. The contract trading volume of this exchange basically ranks among the top 3 in the world. Such exchanges have begun to lay off staff. It can be seen that the industry is indeed not very good, and it is no wonder that Coinbase reduces costs so much. .

The boss of FTX said that it is impossible for a transparent Defi application to have a crisis. This is not only a point of view, but also a message to the regulators. When the supervision of the United States begins in the future, the degree of openness and code quality of various protocols will be more considered. , like some extremely open source and completely transparent protocols, may benefit from this, which is also the fundamental reason for the skyrocketing of various Defi protocols today, and we should continue to be optimistic in the long run.

Panic 9, 10 and below are all opportunities.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The balance of Bitcoin on the exchange is only 2.4 million, a 3-year low, and the number of Bitcoin tokens on the exchange is getting less and less, indicating that the selling pressure is continuing to decrease, which helps the rebound in the later period to continue, so continue to hold positions Waiting for a rebound, the strong pressure above is at 22,500.

ETH: The outflow from exchanges hit a one-year high, and the number of loss-making addresses hit a record high, all pointing to lower and lower selling pressure, and the rebound first saw above 1,200.

CRV: Curve has a daily transaction volume of $1 billion and charges about $400,000 in fees, which is equivalent to Bitcoin’s daily network fee income. It shows that this protocol is still very profitable, and the future CRV is still worth looking forward to. After all, in the current Ethereum ecosystem, its status is irreplaceable.

Keep holding it. Yesterday, anyone who dared to increase leverage with a madman under extreme emotions should be able to recover some blood. It is easy not to increase leverage in the crypto market unless you have full confidence in the market.

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