[The madman says the trend]It is about to hit the previous low, and a fall below this position can easily lead to a bullish consensus

[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

At present, the probability of the Fed raising interest rates by 50 basis points in June is still extremely high, but the probability of 75 basis points has obviously appeared on the table, so there is 75 basis points in the current expectation. When the meeting next week, Powell is likely to reject and rule out the possibility of raising interest rates by 75 basis points, which will be interpreted by the market as exceeding expectations, and the market will rise. By the second half of the month, everything has come to fruition, the overall price is not high, and the probability of a natural rebound is greater than that of a fall. At present, the Ethereum weekly line has been overcast for 10 consecutive years, and the probability of continuing to overcast is getting lower and lower. Probably, it is extremely suitable to buy Ethereum at this position. The Ethereum below 1500 should be the bottom of many people when it is above 4000. Dream it, now it really fell back, have you retreated?

From a fundamental point of view, POW to POS is still an extreme improvement in the fundamentals of Ethereum. The supply and demand relationship will change from a daily supply of 10 million US dollars to a daily demand of 8 million US dollars, which will bring continuous buying and selling to Ethereum. disk, so this is naturally a good location.

From the perspective of short-term collapse and liquidation, the liquidation price has dropped to a certain extent, and most borrowers have made up for the margin. Although the giant whales made a unified bid yesterday and transferred a total of more than 90,000 ETH to FTX in 6 transactions within 1 hour, we found that the pools of steth and eth did not continue to tilt, which means that there has been a big bottom-hunting action. Many people don’t understand why it depends on the proportion of this pool to determine the bottom. Taking advantage of the lack of news on the weekend, I will give you some space to give you an example.

steth can be understood as a bank’s time deposit certificate. When ETH2.0 goes online, your time deposit certificate will be automatically converted into demand. Now due to the financial crisis, all parties have a shortage of liquidity, so it is necessary to transfer the time deposit certificate before it expires. It becomes a current account (steth becomes ETH, if you want to exchange fiat currency, you need to sell ETH), which leads to an extreme imbalance of supply and demand. Many people can accept no interest and lose part of the principal to transfer the certificate of deposit, and there is a current discount for steth. However, as the discount gets higher and higher, many people who are not in a hurry to use funds will come to undertake this part of the time deposit certificate (steth), so that the liquidity pool of steth/eth begins to stabilize. This is the result of market choice. For ETH holders, steth will still convert eth 1:1 in the future, but it will take some time, but if the annualized 15-20% income is given, these whales will buy steth with high interest rates and wait for the transfer. Returning to ETH is the current state, so it is not difficult to see that there is not much room for ETH to fall in the short term, and 1400 is very likely to become a short-term bottom. When others shouted 800, 600, the madman had bought again, and then waited for the market to verify the success of the logic.


Twenty-one human rights advocates from 20 countries in the United States have written to the U.S. Congress, calling Bitcoin a personal power in a currency-collapsed country and openly supporting Bitcoin. This is to put pressure on the U.S. government to make the U.S. embrace Bitcoin more, because the U.S. attaches great importance to human rights, so the significance and weight of this letter is not small.

According to a PwC report, 38% of hedge funds have invested in cryptocurrencies, up from 21% a year ago, indicating that traditional hedge funds have not flinched due to the downturn in the crypto market. This is traditional investors’ perception of emerging markets. It also gave us a lot of encouragement and confidence.

Dubai hotel group FIVE plans to accept bitcoin and ethereum payments, and the madness in Dubai has become commonplace.

A statement made by the head of JPMorgan’s assets at the consensus conference is crazy. He said that if all stocks are fully tokenized, it means that all stocks can be used as Defi for collateral and interest-earning. This idea is really great. If trillions of dollars of assets are included in such a system, it is equivalent to using non-tradable assets such as U.S. stocks for mortgage lending and pledge, activating capital, then whether it is the rate of capital flow or the impact on U.S. stocks. Continued strength is a great positive effect.

The Tron Federal Reserve said that it is buying $50 million worth of Bitcoin and TRON as reserves. The biggest advantage of stabilizing USDD is TRON. It will buy back TRX with empty hands and unlimited repurchase. In the future, the overall will be stronger than the market.

Panic 14, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: It was pulled down by Ethereum, and it is about to hit the previous low. If this position falls below, it is easy to trigger a long consensus, and it is worth participating in a wave.

Ethereum: The developers are expected to merge from August to December, which also gives more confidence to steth holders. The total number of verifier addresses in 2.0 exceeds 400,000, and these addresses have more than 32 ETH. The consensus is still very high, and the overall logic has not changed. Consistent with the above, the madman believes that after the panic, this is a stage bottom, and the rebound will come soon. Once Ethereum rebounds, other public chains and small coins will also rise together.

HNT: Introducing an unlimited number of wireless protocol requirements. The overall ecological development of this token is still good. There are a large number of nodes in the United States. The crash in the past two days is likely to be killed by mistake. You can pay attention to it.

As Ethereum plummets and panic is extremely released, this position, whether it is Bitcoin or Ethereum, will become an excellent short-term opportunity.


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This article[Madman Says Trend]is about to hit the previous low, and a break below this position can easily lead to a bull consensus. It first appeared in the blocker.


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