[The madman talks about the trend]Continue to see the rebound in the short term, the bulls are hard to be suppressed before 22000

[The madman talks about the trend]Continue to see the rebound in the short term, the bulls are hard to be suppressed before 22000

Madman says…

The Fed Waller said that the current economy can withstand interest rate hikes and should act immediately. Since Powell’s hawkish speech this week, people have raised expectations for the Fed to raise interest rates by 75 basis points in September, such as Bank of America, Barclays, Jay Investment banks and asset management companies such as Refco and BlackRock all believe that interest rates will be raised sharply. The American people’s view of business has dropped to freezing point, the lowest level since the Great Recession in 2008, which means that people are less optimistic about the whole economy, and even show a certain desperation, especially in food, energy and real estate prices. superior. This kind of desperate attitude is often the bottom of a cycle. Don’t look at tightening interest rate hikes now, but the capital market has long expected a worse situation. Now we are just waiting for the bottom to grind. Once the Fed shows easing attitude, the market will immediately rise from the bottom, but this does take a long time.

The European Central Bank agreed to start discussions on shrinking its balance sheet in early October. It raised interest rates by a record 75 basis points last week, and will start discussing shrinking its balance sheet next month. It seems that addressing inflation is also imminent for Europe, but Europe’s economic It is far inferior to the United States, and due to the transportation problems of some basic oil and gas, the probability of high inflation in the future will be even greater. In this case, we can only choose recession, give up the economy, and protect people’s livelihood. It is expected that significant interest rate hikes will continue in the future. Chasing the Fed, Europe in the next 2-3 years, should not be where our hearts go.

The correlation between Bitcoin and the S&P 500 rebounded to 0.59, and the previous lowest reached 0.44, which means that the correlation between Bitcoin and U.S. stocks is not very strong in the near future. This is due to the fact that Bitcoin is more market-oriented, and there are often certain advance actions. . On the whole, the loss of correlation means that the trend decline has disappeared, and the future will bottom and rise in repeated tug-of-war.

MicroStrategy plans to sell 500 million US dollars of stock to provide funds to buy more bitcoins , is a dose increment to the market.


JPMorgan Chase said that the payment sector is developing encrypted payments. It seems that the traditional giants have entered the encrypted competition, and the blue ocean is also changing to the red ocean.

The explosive head SBF believes that the worst decline in the crypto market has occurred in March-April, and more pain may not necessarily be seen in the future. The industry is already very stable. FTX CEO’s vision should be far-sighted than ours, and his views are more credible. Of course, this is basically the same as the madman’s thinking.

Brazilians traded more than $300 million in bitcoin in July, and a total of 1.33 million people declared their use of the cryptocurrency. Despite the fact that Brazil’s policy is very supportive and its population is quite large, this ratio really still has great room for growth. From the side, it shows that the people’s cognition in these economically backward countries is far less than that of developed countries.

USDC’s circulation decreased by $300 million last week, and the decrease was greatly reduced. With the continuous intervention of market bulls, it is also a matter of time for the bears to decline. This data makes us believe that this wave of rebound will continue.

Panic 28, has eased.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The number of Bitcoins held or lost reached 7.46 million, which is at a 22-month high, and the circulation value is still not large. With the continuous adoption of institutions in the future, it is only a matter of time before Bitcoin rises from the bottom and outperforms the US stock market. Continue to see a rebound in the short term, the bulls are hard to be suppressed before 22000.

ETH: Currently, more than 83% of Ethereum nodes are ready for Ethereum merger. The expected merger time is 10:18 on September 15th. Google search can already show the countdown. There is a high probability that it will continue to link with Bitcoin on the weekend, and the pie will be relatively stronger.

APE: The $146 million APE token will be unlocked on September 17. The recent NFTs have continued to be sluggish, plus unlocking, pay attention to some callback risks.

RVN: The computing power of the entire network has risen by 93% in the past week. The madman mentioned to you in last week’s article that tokens that can be directly transferred from the ETH graphics card mining machine for mining will be the direct beneficiaries. The recent surge shows that up to this point. After ETH is merged, a lot of computing power will come in, and RVN, XMR, and ETC will be the direct beneficiaries.

The market trend is very healthy, and it has not aroused the buying desire of zombie investors, indicating that this round of rebound has only begun, so just hold it.

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