[The madman talks about the trend]I am optimistic about the trend in the evening, but the shock logic of 20000-21000 remains unchanged

[The madman talks about the trend]I am optimistic about the trend in the evening, but the shock logic of 20000-21000 remains unchanged

Madman says…

The CPI in the euro zone has also exploded. In August, the CPI increased by 9.1%, and the expected value was 9%. Really high terror, it seems that a substantial interest rate hike and a shrinking of the balance sheet in Europe are inevitable. After this operation in Europe and the United States, it will lead to a global economic recession, and some assets with larger bubbles will be looted later, such as being hyped up. Rolex, Patek Philippe and other luxury watches. Due to global economic integration, inflation in Europe will also continue to be transmitted to the United States. Affected by this, the US dollar index rose slightly again, and the crypto market fell slightly, but it was not fully linked, showing a certain strong trend.

The Secretary-General of the European Blockchain said that if Europe finally legislates for the crypto market, then the EU will ban stablecoins pegged to the US dollar. The most dazzling assets at the moment are easily chased by people irrationally, causing the euro to depreciate further. The U.S. dollar remained the best performing asset in August, rising 2.8%, while Bitcoin became the worst performing mainstream asset, falling 15%, mainly because it was more market-oriented and was seen as a victim of the shrinking cycle.

Crypto assets will continue to struggle due to the Fed’s hawkishness, and won’t see an end to the decline until there’s a huge purge, the CNBC host said. This coincides with what JPMorgan analysts said yesterday. In fact, the madman thinks that when everyone starts to be bearish and thinks that there will be a further sharp decline, it is often a good opportunity to increase positions. The main logic is that, looking at most profitable cryptocurrencies, their price-earnings ratios have been reduced to 5- In the 10 times range, the valuation is much cheaper than the stock market, especially some Defi tokens, so the madman does not agree with the statement that encryption is a bubble, but because of the extreme market-oriented behavior of encryption, it bottoms out before the stock market every time. , and the downside of this round is logically sufficient.

The Russian Prime Minister stated that cryptocurrencies are a secure alternative to cross-border payments, and assets such as cryptocurrencies need to be vigorously adopted, which can ensure uninterrupted payment import and export trade. Iran is not far behind, with plans to begin widespread use of cryptocurrency payments for imports. These countries sanctioned by the United States finally have a back garden, and this back garden will eventually be turned into a royal compound, completely overturning the global dominance of the US dollar.


The government of El Salvador spent $200 million to build Bitcoin Beach, a new landmark for surfers and tourists around the world, and a gathering place for Bitcoin enthusiasts. At the same time, its bitcoin bond continues to be delayed for some reasons, and El Salvador continues to gamble. Perhaps the contribution of global crypto investors to its tourism has already exceeded the loss of its bitcoin investment.

The President of Paraguay has vetoed regulatory proposals for the crypto industry. For these small countries, it does take great courage to accept cryptocurrencies in such a sluggish market. The next time Bitcoin rushes to a new high, it will be a new starting point for global adoption.

Australian regulators have warned brokers to be cautious about offering high-risk products such as cryptocurrencies to retail investors. Australian retail investors are also very crazy and aggressive. It is only natural for the regulators to protect investors, but it is often the bottom when the regulators consider risks, and it is easier to peak when they are silent.

Panic 23, turned into extreme panic again.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The more than 10,000 bitcoins sold on August 28th and 29th are suspected to have come from hackers in Mt. Gox. These hackers do not know why they sold the market at this time. Maybe the market rumors of Mentougou will be reported to creditors. Compensation is related, after all, it is stolen coins, it is always better to sell the stolen goods in time. The third largest whale bought 1,674 bitcoins last week and continued to increase their positions. The number of Bitcoin addresses with more than 1,000 bitcoins has reached a one-month high, and smart money continues to pour in. In the short term, the pie continues to be optimistic. From last night to today, it digs a deep pit and rises back. The opportunities outweigh the risks.

Ethereum: 2W ETH was transferred from Huobi to Binance, 80% of which were sold because Binance was deep enough to sell these tokens. The balance of Ethereum miner addresses exceeded 260,000, a record high in four years. It shows that the miners still have great faith in the future of ETH, and at the last moment of Pow, they are not willing to sell the Ethereum in their hands. In the short term, as 20,000 pieces are sold out, a strong linkage market should resume.

SOL: HNT developers are considering migrating the encrypted wireless network to SOL, indicating that the on-chain performance of SOL can better meet the decentralized environment of HNT, but this solution will increase the supply of an additional 2 million HNT, so it is bad for HNT, SOL is a plus.

CRV: The native stable coin crvUSD may be launched next month, which will greatly boost the value of CRV, because minting stable coins will require the destruction or lock-up of CRV. It can be arranged to look forward to the final implementation of the plan.

DYDX: The trading reward will be reduced by 25%, the supply is reduced, the medium-term is good, the position is not high, and it can be speculated.

Optimistic about the evening trend, but the shock logic of 20000-21000 remains unchanged.

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This article[The Crazy Talks Trend]is optimistic about the trend in the evening, but the shock logic of 20000-21000 remains unchanged and first appeared in the block guest.


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