[The madman talks about the trend]If it can maintain sideways, continue to attack 27000 next week

[The madman talks about the trend]If it can maintain sideways, continue to attack 27000 next week

Madman says…

U.S. stocks continued to rise sharply overnight, indicating that risk capital’s expectations of interest rate hikes behind the Fed have gradually weakened. Most institutions believe that the Fed will raise interest rates by 50 basis points in September and November, compared with the current 75 basis points. Gradually relax, the risk appetite of funds gradually returns, and the rise of US stocks proves this to us. For cryptocurrency, it can be said that it stabilized before U.S. stocks, rose before U.S. stocks, and consolidated before U.S. stocks. This shows that the trend of the encrypted market is more market-oriented, and the sense of capital is more sensitive. For the industry, the worst time has passed. , because every crypto crash is accompanied by deleveraging, so it is always extremely tragic. When the leverage is really lifted, it will be a process of gradual supply and demand balance. Because it is an incremental market, the final demand will be greater than the supply, and then open The new wave of rising, the position we are in now is the small boom period after deleveraging, which is very profitable. The first wave of rebound has been completed, and next month will be followed by the second wave of rebound ‘s on.

Charles Schwab launched the first cryptocurrency-related ETF. Charles Schwab is one of the largest asset management companies in the world. Therefore, its launch of encrypted ETFs will bring huge increments. Once trading is opened later, it will bring a certain degree of heat to the market.

Gibraltar’s digital and finance minister said he has invested in bitcoin and bought it for his children. Bitcoin is an asset, buying a child is actually a dream. If his revolution is successful and the legal currency status is completely transformed into a currency of global consensus, then his future will increase by at least 50-100 times. But if the revolution fails and the experiment ends, there may be repeated fluctuations around a constant value. After all, Bitcoin still has many irreplaceable uses and values ​​for fiat currency. There is nothing wrong with making big bets on the investment cycle. In the past 3-5 years, it is still an incremental market, so there is no need to worry about the end of the bull market.

In July, the US dollar transaction volume of NFTs on the Opensea Ethereum chain fell by 25%, but the number of users and NFTs rebounded. As the market warmed up in the past two days, it can be seen that the transaction volume has increased rapidly. Therefore, it is expected that NFTs will increase in August. The market will also have a wave of recovery, which can be regarded as an oversold rebound.


Deloitte’s latest survey shows that nearly 75% of retailers plan to accept cryptocurrency payments in the next two years, which shows that the changes to real-world applications in the encryption market are still going on like crazy. Our WeChat Alipay is just as convenient, scan a code and complete the transaction at almost zero cost, and this type of assets is universal, which is a dimensionality reduction blow to the Internet era.

The Argentine Banfield Football Club uses stablecoins to pay players’ transfer funds. This is how distrustful of Argentina’s own currency. The currencies of these emerging countries will continue to collapse as the United States begins to harvest global wool, so stablecoins In fact, it is the best blessing for this wave of wool in the United States, and many countries will start to use digital dollars through stablecoins.

The supply of bitcoins that have not been active for 10 years is nearly 2.5 million, a record high. These silent bitcoins do not know when they will wake up, and they may never wake up. As time delays in the future, the effective supply of the market will become more and more Small.

Upfront Ventures has raised $650 million in three new funds to invest in fintech, computer vision and gaming infrastructure. Two of them are related to the crypto industry and are considered good incremental funds.

Panic 42, getting closer and closer to neutral.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: It is a very strong trend to maintain sideways at a high level. If it can be maintained until Monday, then the probability of continuing to attack 27000 next week will be greatly increased. The trend is healthy and the currency is mainly held.

ETH: It also walks against the pressure level, which means that the selling pressure at the pressure level is not as big as imagined. After people get emotional, the pressure level may have the opportunity to rush across, so continue to hold it. The Fed is accumulating Ethereum as one of the USDD reserve currencies, indicating that Brother Sun is also optimistic about the future of ETH, which will gradually stabilize and strengthen after the merger.

MATIC: Mercedes-Benz and Polygon have cooperated to develop a blockchain-based data sharing platform. The presence of Mercedes-Benz has given Matic more room for imagination, indicating that this L2 public chain has entered the vision of traditional industries and is still worth looking forward to in the long run.

NEAR: Invite Harmony ecological developers to join the NEAR community and raise a large amount of rescue funds. NEAR is doing a good job of taking advantage of the fire. At least it is more operational than ONE. Under such a good market sentiment, the team of ONE only cares about people’s funds for him. Previously, the issue of theft did not look at the market value at all. In the past, such projects were rarely successful, so you can consider deploying the market value of ONE to other back-end public chains. As for NEAR, it can be expected to make up for it.

SHIB: In the past two days, the giant Ethereum whale bought SHIB worth 3 million US dollars. There are still big players buying and buying this shit coin. I don’t know what the logic is, but at least from the perspective of the trend, there is some room for supplementary growth. Have.

It is expected to continue to fluctuate over the weekend, and small coins will have local opportunities driven by emotions. If you encounter small coins that are sharply pulled, you can consider taking profits out of the market in the ultra-short term.

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