[The madman talks about the trend]In the process of oversold and rebound, the pressure above is 32000


Madman says…

On a dull day, the volatility quickly decreased, and the trading volume also decreased rapidly. There is no opening day in Europe and the United States, and the market activity is still very poor. Therefore, it can be judged that the current market is still inseparable from the hijacking of traditional institutions in Europe and the United States, and will continue to link US stocks for a period of time in the future. The trend needs to give the market more patience.

Regarding the idea of ​​LUNA abandoning old coins and issuing new coins, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao believes that it will not bring any value to the project, and questioned the whereabouts of its BTC reserves, arguing that those bitcoins should be used to repurchase UST according to the rules. At present, there is indeed no official reply on the flow of this large amount of Bitcoin. Whether it was put into a personal pocket or flowed to the market and repurchased the project official did not give a statement, so it is still one of the uncertainties of the market, but It is estimated that according to Do kwon’s behavior, he should find a way to put this money into his pocket, and the probability of hitting the market is not high.

Nigeria, the largest crypto country in Africa, has issued new encryption regulations, treating cryptocurrencies as securities, which also means that all cryptocurrencies and exchanges need to be regulated in accordance with the securities framework, which can also be regarded as opening the road to compliance and supervision of encryption in Africa.

The Argentine Senate has passed a bill to tax assets held overseas, including crypto, that is, Argentine zf has treated crypto assets as foreign exchange assets. Taxation means compliance, but at present it is only passed by the Senate. It will take time for the House of Representatives to pass the final result.


ARK Fund bought more than 1 million shares of Coinbase last week, continuing to be optimistic about the development of the crypto-head exchange.

The U.S. SEC official “Crypto Mom” ​​believes that the collapse of UST will trigger SEC’s regulation of stablecoins, and USDT also responded quickly, reducing its commercial paper holdings by 50% and replacing them with safer U.S. Treasury bonds and cash deposits. This regulation will continue to benefit USDC’s position in stablecoins, reducing the status of other stablecoins.

The founder of Twitter said that he does not pay attention to the price of Bitcoin because it will appreciate in the long run. The Twitter founder has always been a crypto embracer and expects him to get more involved with his community.

Panic 10, still in the area of ​​extreme opportunity.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The bulls have continued to resist in the past two days, which will be conducive to a further upward rebound. The weakness of the bears will inevitably face a counterattack from the short-term bulls, with the upper pressure at 32,000.

Ethereum: The number of loss-making addresses reached 31 million, a new high in the past two years. It can be seen that the current has entered a low point in two years, and the future opportunities outweigh the risks.

GMT: There are still 8494 pairs of shoes minted in 24 hours. Compared with the current currency price, it is still at a high level. Therefore, after the currency price continues to fall, there is a certain logic to make up for it.

Nothing else, still in the process of oversold rebound.

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