“The U.S. dollar is ready to collapse in January next year!” Rich dad: buy more bitcoins and gold quickly

“The U.S. dollar is ready to collapse in January next year!” Rich dad: buy more bitcoins and gold quickly

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki (Robert Kiyosaki) recently offered a large-scale tax cut for the United Kingdom, which caused the pound to depreciate. into gold, silver and bitcoin. (Recap:“Fed Rate Hike Destroys Economy, Dollar Is Dying!” Rich Dad Author: Let’s Buy Bitcoin) (background supplement:Britain’s biggest tax cut in 50 years” GBP hits a new low of 1.035 magnesium; SBF: Bitcoin is still fierce)

KnowRobert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling financial book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, has recently called on investors to buy gold, silver and bitcoin in the context of multiple interest rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve (Fed). currency.

Predict that the dollar will collapse in January next year

At the end of September, the British government announced the largest tax cut in 50 years in hopes of boosting economic growth and easing the pain of high prices. But it caused investors to worry that this would erode the country’s finances and even get out of control of the debt. As a result, the pound assets were sold off by a large amount, which once fell by more than 4.5%, hitting a 37-year low. (Currently £1 is about $1.13)


In this regard, Robert Kiyosaki tweeted in the early morning of yesterday (2):

Will the dollar follow the pound? I believe it will.

I believe the dollar will crash in January 2023 after the Fed turns. To profit from the dollar crash, I bought more U.S. silver. Silver is on sale right now and I won’t be a victim of the F*CKed Fed.

Be careful.

A few hours later, he tweeted that as the Fed continues to raise rates, this will provide buying opportunities for gold, silver and bitcoin, and when they turn, a chance to get rich, writing:

Buying Opportunity: If the Fed continues to raise rates, the dollar will strengthen, leading to lower gold, silver and bitcoin prices, buy more.

You’ll smile when the Fed moves to lower interest rates like the U.K. and everyone else will cry.

In fact, this is not the first time that Robert Kiyosaki has predicted a “dollar collapse”. He said as early as 2018 that “the U.S. dollar is a scam” due to the reckless printing of a large amount of money by the U.S. government. In recent months, he has also repeatedly stated that the largest bubble in history is about to burst, suggesting that investors seize the opportunity to buy gold, silver, and bitcoin.

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