Three Arrows Capital’s “400 Million Magnesium Loan” Has Been Liquidated by Institutions! Crazy selling of ETH to save Aave’s $264 million assets

三箭資本「4億鎂貸款」已遭機構清算!狂賣ETH為救 Aave 2.64 億美元資產

Three Arrows Capital (3AC), a Singapore-based hedge fund, was exposed to loan cooperation with institutions such as Deribit and BlockFi. Currently, US$400 million has been liquidated and is currently dealing with the follow-up relationship with relevant units; data on the chain shows that 3AC has been selling Ethereum recently. The Aave position of Li Bao is still in jeopardy. If ETH falls below 1016 magnesium, 211,900 ETH will be dumped into the market. (Recap:Three Arrows Capital exchanged 68 million magnesium stETH for ETH, and cashed out 20 million magnesium!)

newSingaporean hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) has many rumors today. Not only was it accused of misappropriating client assets, but it was also reported that it was on the verge of bankruptcy. The foreign media The Block also broke the news today (15), according to an anonymous insider According to sources, 3AC’s investment in the platform exchange Deribit and financial services company BlockFi is included in its venture capital category. However, 3AC is currently negotiating with lenders on how to handle the current relationship. Currently, 3AC has been liquidated by related companies as high as 400 million. assets above the U.S. dollar.

The report also said that at the beginning of the year, Three Arrows Capital managed a huge asset of more than 10 billion US dollars, but with the projects Avalanche, Polkadot and Ether supported by their company, with the collapse of the Terra incident, the company’s operations were in trouble. have suffered significant losses.


Three Arrows Capital has not responded to the content of the report.

Selling stETH wildly to avoid Aave being liquidated

According to today’s (15) daily report, Three Arrows Capital recently sold a large number of stETH and Ethereum, and finally put a large number of US dollar assets and Ethereum back into the Aave contract marked by Three Arrows Capital in order to avoid the liquidation of this position.

According to the data on the chain, the collateral assets in the current contract are 211,999.24 ETH, with a value of about 235 million US dollars, and 93,689,396.97 USDC and 89,476,252.39 USDT are lent, with a total of about 183 million US dollars.

Although 3AC has tried its best to repay its liabilities to avoid liquidation, Twitter @OnChainWizard calculates that as long as Ethereum falls below $1,016, the assets will also be fully liquidated. Currently, Ethereum has temporarily received $1108.37 since the deadline.

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