[Trends of Mad Men Talk]It is expected that the first half of the week will be relatively quiet, and the second half of the week will be crazy

[Trends of Mad Men Talk]It is expected that the first half of the week will be relatively quiet, and the second half of the week will be crazy

Madman says…

There are still two days before the Fed’s interest rate decision. At present, the probability of raising interest rates by 100 basis points in July has dropped to 20.1%, and the probability of 75 basis points is 79.9%. Many financial giants, including Goldman Sachs, have given their own analysis results, more than 90% of institutions believe that raising interest rates by 75 basis points is relatively reasonable, so as long as the market falls at 75 basis points, there will be a chance to start the next wave of rebound. After this rate hike, the rate hike will be a matter of 2 months, and the CPI data for these 2 months will likely gradually decrease, which is conducive to the slowdown of monetary tightening. The European side continues to be fraught with crises. The European Central Bank Management Committee believes that under such inflation, a considerable rate hike is still needed in September, and it should be open to discussions on a larger rate hike. When the overall European economy is not strong, how much room for interest rate hikes is really debatable, and eventually an economic crisis is inevitable. However, for cryptocurrencies, the Fed’s face is instructive.

Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund has completed the first fund raising of 700 million US dollars, and has received investment from sovereign wealth funds, large insurance funds, Internet giants and first-tier fund companies. This fund will be mainly used to invest in technology companies. The 700 million US dollars It is estimated that some funds will also flow into the encryption field.

Scott+Scott Law Firm filed a lawsuit against Yuga Labs, and the outcome of the lawsuit will determine whether NFT is a securities product. Yuga Labs is the parent company of many NFT series such as APE, Otherdeed and Boring Ape, which will be a challenge to the entire NFT industry , if the law is ruled as a security, then most series in the NFT field will be subject to a wave of bloodbath, otherwise, its compliance road will go further and further.

The weekly report on CME Bitcoin futures positions shows that the open interest has increased slightly. The long-to-short ratio of institutions is 1:1.3, the long-to-short ratio of large investors is 8:1, and the long-to-short ratio of retail investors is 1.7:1. On the whole, the market has a bullish sentiment.


Panic 30, continue to panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The volatile market over the weekend is over. With the opening of the US stock market in the evening, this week’s big volatile market will start. When the interest rate hike window opens, don’t be overly pessimistic. An interest rate hike of 75 basis points is a good thing, and 100 basis points will be good. Triggered a fall, so the overall position below 22000 should be dominated by more.

ETH: 60% of the massive liquidation overnight came from Ethereum, which means that Ethereum has a higher proportion of short-term investment bets at present, and its activity and strength are higher than those of Bitcoin, so it will be the weather vane of the overall market. Looking at the K line, it still oscillates within the range, 1500-1600.

ENS: Both the domain name registration volume and transaction volume have shown a relatively healthy trend. The registration volume has reached the second highest in history this month, and the NFT transaction volume ranked second in the Opensea market, which also made history. Therefore, it is good to continue to hold, and there is no problem with the trend.

1inch: The revenue in the second quarter reached US$6.7 million, an increase of 203% from the first quarter. According to this income calculation, it is about US$20 million for the whole year. Its current market value is 360 million, and its price-earnings ratio is 18. Considering its future growth, it is relatively underestimated and worthwhile. In addition, 1inch’s transaction volume in the second quarter surpassed Uniswap for the first time and became the largest Dex, which is also the first time in history.

UNI: UNI addresses holding 10k-1M in the past 16 days have increased their holdings of 10.74 million UNIs. From this point of view, this round of increase is due to large funds, and the market outlook is still worth looking forward to.

Let’s wait for the US stock market to open. It is expected that the first half of the week will be relatively quiet, and the second half of the week will start crazy.

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