Tulum Artist Alejandro Glatt Brings Bohemian Mythos Into Web3 With Fruit

How This Tulum Artist is Bringing Bohemian Mythos Into Web3 By ‘Feeling the Fruit’

From SXSW and NFT LA, to Consensus and NFT.NYC, Tulum’s own multidisciplinary artist Alejandro Glatt is on a mission to connect humans with nature and Web3 technology through the power of fruit.

As the founder of Feel the Fruit Movement, Glatt advocates experiential healing experiences that combine meditation with fruit to connect the five senses and help others feel grounded and inspired.

He has a visual arts and permaculture background specializing in fruit, demonstrating his understanding of the fruit growth process and how abundance cycles are represented. Glatt has been able to penetrate the world of Web3 and NFTs while sharing the essence of fruit through an artistic and sensual lens.

His social NFT project Crypto Papayas launched last year at SXSW and has been seen at event after event, most recently at Consensus 2022. Through altars, rituals, and large-scale art installations, Glatt’s message to the world is to connect, play, and interact with the great natural resources we often overlook.


Glatter’s bohemian archetypes also enabled him to carve out a world of fruit, as a euphemism for female sexual anatomy, which is symbolically tied to human sexuality and the life it creates.

He also plays an active role as a resident artist and NFT creator at Polygon Studios, where he attends as many conferences as possible around the world, contributing his energy and talent to help empower women and inspire human spirituality among conference attendees and miracles.

Image Credit: Andrew Rosso | South by Southwest 2022

Before NFT.NYC, Be[In]Crypto sat down with Glatt and NFT LA to learn more about the interconnectedness of nature and technology, and how he continues to promote anti-establishment political and social views, free love, and frugality.

“I’m taking every opportunity to get the word out with my volume, my energy and my freedom to communicate,” Glatt told Be.[In]cryptocurrency.

“Art is more than a screen. These are mediums that demonstrate interaction and engage people through curiosity and attention,” he continued.

For those attending NFT LA, Glatt’s exhibit is made with real edible fruit, including delicious pineapples.

“The aim was to create art from the screen itself, so we made frames out of real fruit that people could interact with.”

Photo courtesy of Andrew Rossow | Feel the Fruit at NFT LA

Fruit is the embodiment of Glatter’s Bohemianism

When we asked the abstract artist why he chose to center his NFT projects and art on fruit, he pointed to nature and the world around us that we often take for granted.

“Nothing represents nature more than fruit,” he explained. “From a seed grows a small plant that eventually grows into a tree – and it is that tree that gives us the fruit. As humans, we have the privilege of picking fresh, beautiful fruit and doing whatever we want with it. For me, this is the greatest gift modern art has given us. I use fruit as a concept to show people how we can connect humans with nature and Web3 technology.”

Photo courtesy of Alejandro Glatt/Feel the Fruit Movement

Glatt from Tulum Jungle said he would prefer to be at NFT.NYC and all of these conferences, and he intends to continue raising awareness and acting as an agent of change to help expand the Web3 movement and spirituality through human sexuality.

“It’s important to understand where we live now, because sometimes living in cities, we don’t always see or appreciate the nature around us. My mission is to help bring this technology and old futuristic nature to in the city.”

Currently, Glatt has actively launched his NFT collection on the Tezos, Ripple and Solana blockchains. His work has appeared in various hotels, festivals and retreats in Miami, Tulum, Mykonos, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Santa Teresa, Mexico City, Hillitra and Tel Aviv.

So, if you’re at NFT.NYC this week, look for papaya! You can view his extensive portfolio by visiting his website.

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