VanEck to Launch NFT Collection This Week

VanEck to Launch NFT Collection This Week

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VanEck announced its new series of NFTs today. Airdropping 1,000 NFTs this week, the series tells the story of a fictional character based on Alexander Hamilton. These tokens will come with certain privileges, including private activities and digital asset investment research.

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VanEck will launch the NFT series this week. The VanEck Community NFT Collection will contain 1,000 non-fungible tokens divided into three rarity tiers and follow a story based on the fictional character of Alexander Hamilton.

Announcing a new collection of NFTs

The investment manager, which manages more than $85 billion in assets, has announced plans to launch its own NFT.

Today, VanEck announced that it will drop its VanEck Community NFT series in partnership with South Korea-based NFT company NUMOMO. The series will include 1,000 NFTs launched on Ethereum, designed to “demonstrate the real-world utility inherent in NFT structures.”


The NFT project will be set in the world of the fictional character Hammy, modeled after Alexander Hamilton, the founding father of the United States. As the founder of America’s first central banks and Secretary of the Treasury under President George Washington, Alexander Hamilton’s mock character Hammy will dive into the waters of monetary policy in VanEck’s NFT story, where he will discover the utility of cryptocurrencies . The first episode has been released.

There will be three different tiers of non-fungible tokens in the VanEck collection based on rarity. Three quarters are common, 230 are rare, and 20 are in the “legendary” category. Benefits offered to NFT holders will vary depending on the category their token falls into, but may include early access to the firm’s investment research into cryptoassets, as well as exclusive invitations to events (both in Metaverse and the real world) .

JP Lee, co-founder of the VanEck Community NFT series, said,

“Neither have we overlooked this part of the equation since NFTs first emerged as a way to showcase compelling digital art. Our NFTs will all feature jaw-dropping 3D avatars and narrative-style videos that will help To create a sense of authentic storytelling and stimulate discussion, debate and community. Our character ‘Hami’ will be an outstanding guide for anyone interested in learning about the past, present and future of finance.”

VanEck NFT will be airdropped. VanEck may be addressing potential regulatory issues by treating NFTs as gifts to registrants. The company also noted that those wishing to sell non-fungible tokens should not register, stressing the risks of market, volatility and regulatory uncertainty for holders of NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

VanEck announced its NFT collection on Monday after one of the biggest drops in history, in which Bored Ape Yacht Club founder Yuga Labs sold more than $300 million worth of NFTs for their Otherside metaverse project.

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author of this article owns BTC, ETH, and several other cryptocurrencies.

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