Why buy Illuvium to diversify your metaverse portfolio

Why buy Illuvium to diversify your metaverse portfolio

Metaverse and web3 are seen as the next frontier of crypto innovation. In fact, over the past six months or so, some incredible metaverse projects have emerged. So if you’re thinking about diversifying your metaverse and web3 project portfolio, Illuvium might be a good choice. That’s why.

Illuvium is still a small project with huge potential

The project has attracted some of the world’s leading crypto venture capital firms.

Illuvium has announced major milestones in its proposed roadmap in recent weeks.


Data source: TradingView

What Makes Illuvium Different

Illuvium is an immersive virtual world that allows users to earn money by exploring open virtual worlds. Metaverse also has a gaming aspect of competitions and missions. So far, the project is still in development. But Genesis NFTs have been minted, and Illuvium has recently started selling virtual world land.

Once the game is fully operational, users will be able to build virtual factories to produce the energy needed to hunt and capture Illuvials. These are the most important collectibles in the game. Illuvium offers exciting gameplay with immersive graphics. It has the potential to be a huge web3 project.

Should you buy Illuvium

There are many metaverse projects out there. But Illuvium is actually a pretty good catch. First, it’s new. As mentioned above, the full game isn’t even ready. The plan is to launch later this year. So there’s a lot of value to unlock here.

Illuvium’s in-game mechanics and pay-as-you-go model also look sustainable. After all, Illuvium has added a range of dimensions to a metaverse that could be commercialized in the future.

In the end, we firmly believe that the project is undervalued. This may be because the entire crypto market has slowed down in recent weeks. But if you’re looking to buy ILV, this would be a great time.


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