Xiaofeng: BTC and ETH continue to be low and long in the day, and there is a short-term trend of breaking down | Investing.com

Xiaofeng: BTC and ETH continue to be low and long in the day, and there is a short-term trend of breaking down | Investing.com

Unconsciously, another month has passed. We are always sighing that time is like an arrow, but most of the time is wasted. Many people spend their days with regret and regret. It would be better if this order came out sooner, and the empty order was too much. Just take it, all kinds of sighs will only stimulate our emotions and even affect our work or life; live in the moment, if you miss it, you will miss it, do everything in front of you, and make yourself fulfilled When you get up, you won’t sigh about time. Throughout August, the Ethereum is considered to be opening high and moving low. From the first half of the year to the new high of 2030 in the past two months and then to the daily reversal of this position as the starting point and the falling point, there is still no continuity in the trend. At the beginning of August, I proposed that I was optimistic about 2100 in the middle, and it was not bad. After the daily line fell below the 1800 mark, I quickly adjusted my thinking and turned bearish. Therefore, I was satisfied with the prediction of the overall market trend throughout August. Then the next golden autumn In September, Xiaofeng will follow everyone to advance and retreat together, try to write better articles, provide better analysis and share with everyone; September, continue! ! ! Looking back on yesterday: The bulls finally died at the 1600 mark. Here is a knowledge point to share with you, that is, for the effective breakthrough of yesterday’s price to 1600, two points: the first price did indeed close continuously at the hourly line level. After breaking through 1600, it shot up to 1620. If it is simply combined with the shape and structure of the K line, it does constitute a stabilization condition, but what we cannot ignore is the trend of the trend. There is no continuity in the recent morning highs or declines. What does it mean? Simply put, if there is a rise in the morning, it will inevitably pull back, and if it falls, it will inevitably rebound (only for the market trend during this period); second , or starting from the K-line form, the hourly line continuously closes the positive line to 1620 and then closes a long shadow doji at the high level, then the appearance of this negative line is actually releasing a short-term callback signal, we are also decisive After this doji, the empty order layout began around 1610. Operation: In the blog post at 6:30 yesterday morning, the idea of ​​breaking through 1560 and chasing more than 1600 was given. In fact, this chasing does not need too much technical analysis to support it. It is very simple. Breaking through the resistance level inside the range, chasing more without thinking will be profitable. I am responsible for what I said. Taking the trend of yesterday as an example, 1560 is different from 1600. 1600 is the high point on Tuesday night, while 1560 is in the range. In the middle position, if you break through this position, you must continue to rebound to test the top resistance. In layman’s terms, it’s like playing a level game, you reach level 10 the first time, and then drop to level 5 at level 10, then give it again. Once you have a chance, you will easily be able to pass from the 5th level to the 10th level, but when you face the 10th level again, whether you can easily pass the level successfully, you have to draw a question mark! The second order is the batches of 1600 and 1610 given by the article in the morning. This short is basically at the highest point of yesterday. As for why it is empty, see the analysis in the previous paragraph; the third order is given in the blog post at 11:30 in the evening. In the second half of the night, I stepped back on 1520 a lot. Because of the embarrassment of the time, I am a person who does not advocate staying up late, so I just gave a suggestion. Shan, the radical ones must have gone in at 30, so the right and wrong of this list, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom. Trend analysis Bitcoin: There is nothing to analyze, it is still range-bound, the daily line continues to focus on 22000, when it breaks through this position and then notify the bulls, the short-term resistance is 20500, and it was under pressure at this position yesterday, so the bulls want Up, 20500-21000-22000, these are the three stages in the rebound process, the first one can be broken to proceed to the next one. Operational ideas: Today is mainly to do more, and only provide more suggestions; 20,000 to go long, the target is 20,500; if the top can effectively break through 20,500 to chase more, look at 21,000! (This suggestion will continue to be valid within the day) Ethereum: 1600, it has been emphasized many times and hit many times, but the result is not ideal, but the bulls still have the spirit of being strong; It happens to be the suppression level above the downward trend line at the daily level, so once it effectively breaks through and stands firm, it will usher in a new stage in the short term for the bulls; the hourly line level currently builds an upward trend channel at 1422-1474-1528. This kind of morphological structure has appeared more frequently in the recent Ethereum trend. The direction of the structural breakout depends on the breakout of the top resistance. A breakout means a breakout and upward movement, and vice versa; the short-term bottom supports 1540-1520, which is where we are going long today. The range of 1600 is used as the watershed above to judge the direction of the trend. Operational ideas: mainly to do more today, 1520-1540 below to do more in batches, unified defense 1495, target 1600; stabilize 1600 to chase more, and move the target up 1630-1650! (This suggestion will continue to be valid within the day) This article is originally written by Xiao Feng Lunbi. The above analysis is only my personal opinion and is for your reference only. Please indicate the source when reprinting!

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