Xiaofeng: BTC continues to be weak, ETH longs to rise again | Investing.com

Xiaofeng: BTC continues to be weak, ETH longs to rise again | Investing.com

Looking back on yesterday: After two days of shocks, the bulls ushered in a small outbreak last night. After breaking through 1600, they stood firm and rebounded for the second time. In the morning, they rose even above 1650 to 1670. The easy breakthrough of this position is also direct. It shows the strength of the bulls; short-term price corrections are not terrible, but the terrible thing is that the corrections are still regarded as bearish declines. People will always make mistakes. If the trend is right, you may not be able to make money, and you want to make a profit in the opposite direction. Even if there is, this petty profit is not enough for you to lose a single. You can look at the market however you want. If it falls by 20 points, it is also a fall. You call it a short position. If it rises by 100 points, it is also a rise. I think it is a long position. That self-esteem. All persistence should not be let down. Just like our multiple orders in the past two days, the pain of being tortured by the market is really uncomfortable, and the joy of winning through pain is even more worthy of pride! Yesterday we placed multiple orders at 1560-1580 respectively, and after hitting 1600 in the evening, we successfully exited the target position. There is not much room, but we have maximized the profit. Xiaofeng has been emphasizing the short-term increase in the past two days. This time, not only the idea is in place , the action has also been synchronized; the evening blog post reminded everyone that the rebound of 1610-1620 was also easy to grasp 1580. Although we failed to step back on 1560 and made a second entry, the strong pull in the morning made our firm 1615 long. Good news on the way to work! It’s not to say how powerful our operation is. Xiaofeng just wants to explain that all persistence comes from your self-confidence, your confidence in your analysis and the development of the trend; if yesterday’s price fell below 1520, then Xiaofeng yesterday It is very likely that the longs will be given up, but the price has not broken continuously at 1560, and broke through 1580 at night, I know that I am stable again today! Trend analysis Ethereum: A node: 1600, this position is also a strong basis for my bullishness. The easy breakthrough of 1650 in the morning confirmed that this resistance level is basically not hindered, which means that the channel of 1600-1720 is unblocked ; The daily level has not reversed the pattern. We are short-term bullish, which is provided by technical aspects, and later bullish is my personal prediction of the trend. There is not much actual evidence to support it. Whether it can rise depends on the specific rebound strength of the daily level. , a breakthrough of 1720 will be a bullish signal for us, focus on it. The short-term rises and falls in the morning. After the sharp rise, the technical indicators need to be repaired. The callback is not empty, or this view, and I am responsible for it! After 1600 stands firm, the position will be changed. In the short-term, first look at the 1620 support. Radicals can participate in long orders at this position, and stable people can enter the market at 1600. Today’s thinking is still bullish. Operational ideas: Continue to do more in the day, and step back to 1600-1620 to build positions in batches, unified defense 1580, and target 1670-1700-1720. There are no empty orders in the day! Bitcoin: It’s hard to bounce back, my dear, all the callbacks are taken back, too easy to get, too easy to lose, but look at the Ethereum next door, the big pie bulls are only greedy; it is still weak in the range, The bottom support is the watershed 19500. When it breaks, it will be bearish. If it does not break, continue to see a shock rebound around this support. None of the above is important, an important announcement will be issued next! ! ! At the request of the majority of friends, Xiaofeng has opened a free communication group yesterday. The purpose is to provide a good communication and sharing platform for my fans and friends. At present, the response of the communication group is very good. The group has been opened for free, but the number of places is limited. friends add QQ; 328260732 into the group! ! ! This article was originally created by Xiao Feng Lunbi. The above analysis is only my personal opinion and is for your reference only. Please indicate the source when reprinting!

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