Xiaofeng: Non-agricultural situation is difficult to change, BTC and ETH are still fluctuating | Investing.com

Xiaofeng: Non-agricultural situation is difficult to change, BTC and ETH are still fluctuating | Investing.com

Looking back on yesterday: the non-agricultural work that I had been looking forward to for a week arrived as scheduled, the market response after the data was released was flat, and it did not bring the expected impact to the market. The value has been digested by the market in advance, which has caused the overall performance of the non-agricultural post-market to be mediocre; here Xiaofeng inserts a knowledge point, how to judge whether these data are bad or good, I believe that many friends even look at the data. Confused, even some so-called teachers can’t understand; bad and good, mainly through the comparison of actual value and expected value, take last night’s non-agricultural data as an example, the actual value is greater than the expected value, which is good for the US dollar and bad for gold, crude oil and cryptocurrency, and vice versa If the actual value is greater than the expected value but also greater than the previous value, it is a big bear, and the market will basically show a downward trend; but the non-agricultural data can not only focus on the non-agricultural employment data, the unemployment rate is also the key, last night The unemployment rate is greater than the previous value and the expected value, which is bad for the US dollar and good for cryptocurrencies, so Bitcoin and Ethereum both ushered in a rise after the data was released. Data will only stimulate market fluctuations in the short-term, and the overall trend still depends on the overall structure. Data only plays an auxiliary role, so we should not rely too much on data when analyzing the trend. The impact of any news will eventually To get back to the technical side. Yesterday, Ethereum shot up and fell, and after reaching our target of 1650 perfectly, it pulled back 100 points. This kind of ups and downs in the market has become the norm in recent days, so it’s no surprise; It’s a pity that Xiao Feng can’t stay up late with you. No matter how big the market is, I can only see you in my sleep. In the morning, a friend asked Xiao Feng why he didn’t stay up late. The market was so big at night, so I went to Baidu to check. After I figured out what harm staying up all night would do to my body, I sent him a screenshot, and he only replied to me with two words: awesome! I don’t have other pursuits, I just want to live longer, I can’t be the most skilled analyst, and it’s not impossible to be the most experienced analyst! Yesterday, our idea was to go long. Before the non-agricultural market, we ran ahead of the 1590 rebound above 1600. Before the data, Xiao Feng always liked to wait and see. Life, the lottery tickets bought for a few years will only win 100 yuan at most, how can you be confident to bet on data! After the data, it was concluded that the notification was near 1615 and the game went smoothly above 1640, and we have to talk about this in two aspects. The first is the promotion of good data, and the second is the technical breakdown. There is no reason not to stand on the short-term line of 1600. Go a lot. In the past two days, my blog posts have repeatedly emphasized that the short-term trend has stabilized at 1600 and exceeded 1620. Go directly to 1650, and you can check it out! 1650 is short-term. I am very optimistic about the target level and short-term resistance level, but why don’t I go short at this position: the trend structure, the price stands at 1600, the bulls regain the initiative in the trend, and have the kinetic energy to continue to rise in the future. And space, the daily line will even reach 1720-1800. I am known for being stable. Naturally, I will not go short easily. I would rather call back dozens of points to re-layout more orders; this position is the second resistance level for the price to continue. Once the breakthrough must go to 1720, I am responsible for this sentence! The resistance level in the upward process, I am not short, because the probability of breakthrough is high, if it is the resistance level in the shock range, I will not hesitate to short. Trend Analysis Ethereum: The daily line did not stabilize at the 1600 mark in the end, and the pullback after the high was relatively strong. In the morning, there was no second rebound after the pullback to break through 1600 again, so last night’s rebound breakthrough was almost useless. It will even create an illusion. We will not discuss whether it is a lure or not. At least currently, the bulls still have the advantage technically. First, the daily line has a short-term upward trend after dropping to the low of 1420 last week, and the highs and lows are all within Uplift, the only shortcoming is that the advantage is not grasped. The second day line has been suppressed by a downward trend line since the short-term peak of 2030 in August. On the next day, even if K recorded a negative line, it broke through the suppression of the current downward trend line, so from the daily line, the price actually It is trying to go higher; but it should be noted that the recent Japanese K will usher in a big drop after the 5K shock, so whether this time will repeat the previous trend, we need to be vigilant. In the short-term, 1600 is still used as the watershed to judge the direction. The breakthrough the next day is not stable. In recent days, the bulls have died one after another above 1600. Xiaoqiang still needs to have the spirit. When you are in a desperate situation, it must be willpower. We will continue to do more after stepping back and forth, and the target will be 1600 first. Operational ideas: step back to 1550-1530 in the morning and do more in batches, defend 1508, and look at 1600; (this suggestion is valid before 6 p.m.) If the rebound 1600 is continuously under pressure, it can be empty, target 1550, and continue to do if it effectively breaks through 1600 More, target 1620-1650. (This suggestion will continue to be valid during the day) Bitcoin: The weakness of the pie is also one of the key reasons why Ethereum cannot break through. You can continue to look at the range of 19500-20500 during the day; the top of the next day is still under pressure above 20400. It has almost become a nightmare for every rebound. If the short-term price can be effectively stabilized, it will inevitably usher in a strong rebound. This article was originally created by Xiao Feng Lunbi. The above analysis is only a personal opinion and is for your reference only. Please indicate the source for reprinting!

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