Xiaofeng: The short-term watershed determines the trend of BTC, ETH, and the long and short are still in the game | Investing.com

Xiaofeng: The short-term watershed determines the trend of BTC, ETH, and the long and short are still in the game | Investing.com

Looking back on yesterday: Ethereum fell, but it didn’t seem to fall. After the pressure of the 1600 mark, it broke the 1500 mark for a time. The whole span is relatively large, because the shocks these days are indeed too boring. , in the end is moving or not moving, at first glance, it is the same as not moving! After breaking 1500, you think the shorts are stable, and in the middle of the night, the bulls shot back to the carbine and directly recovered the decline to the opening price, so looking at the volatility, in fact, they went out for a run and came back. Let’s look at yesterday’s operation and analysis suggestions. I’m not lucky in operation. People are not as good as the sky. The short stop loss of 1580 in the afternoon is just swept away at 1605, and the long stop loss of 1500 in the evening is just right at 1480. Sometimes the market is this thing. It’s really evil, it’s a blessing or a disaster, and it’s a disaster that can’t be avoided. If I put the stop loss at 1470 for a long order, maybe the lowest price will be 1465. Do you believe it? Of course, this is not important, the important thing is that we still have a good grasp of the trend. It is impossible to wipe out the losses every time. If this is the case, I will just delist it. Just kidding, I know there are still many people. I need mine, so for everyone, I must live strong in this market! Let’s talk about analysis, a position that was emphasized yesterday is 1600. Here I mentioned a key point is a breakthrough. Breaking through this position is bullish, if it does not break, it will fall back. The concept of breaking and not breaking is difficult to judge. I have shared it, and you can read it if you are interested. Take yesterday’s market as an example. After breaking through 1600, the price fell to a maximum of 1606, and the hourly line broke high but closed at a negative line. Then this situation is definitely impossible to judge as an effective breakthrough. It’s like you hurdle, you just put your foot on the hurdle, you back down before you cross it, and you don’t even try twice, so the price started at 1600 after the pressure at this position yesterday. plummeted. Trend Analysis Bitcoin: Walking around or swinging in the range, this is a headache, and even at some point I want to get into the disk and pull the K-line up. Will I be accused of being a trader? It’s a joke, see 22000 is the watershed between long and short at the daily level, so there is still some room for adjustment in the short-term, but the recent continuous dip is a wake-up call for us. This year’s low position can not be defended. The trend of the stage is very important. If you can hold it, you will usher in a vast world. If you can’t hold it, it will be a bottomless abyss. The short-term resistance level is 20500. If you stand firm and look at the 21000 mark, if you continue to be under pressure, the trend will repeat the next day; Today’s operation was supplemented by shorting in the morning, and intraday lows were the mainstay. Operational ideas: This wave of rebound hits 20,500 empty, and the target is 20,100 (auxiliary operation, a chance). (main operation) Ethereum: Today’s focus is still 1600! ! ! Don’t look at how fierce the rebound was in the morning, and even basically recovered the drop of more than 100 points yesterday. You can’t stabilize at 1600. No matter how strong the rebound is, it’s useless. If the resistance level can’t stabilize, there is nothing to talk about. So continue to pay attention to this position today, according to yesterday’s Our analysis idea is to effectively stabilize and we will continue to be bullish to the 1650 line. If we cannot stabilize or are under pressure, we can be bearish. This requires our on-the-spot judgment ability; the trend is still bearish, but in the band, we can be based on short-term changes in the actual market. Participate and go long in the wave band, the two are not in conflict, because the short in the trend is in the form of shock, not unilateral; the strength of this wave of rebound in the morning should not be underestimated, but I will still try it around 1600. Don’t give a short order to see the fall, this short is to see that this wave of rebound cannot break through 1600, and in the short-term, stepping back and doing more may be a relatively stable operation method during the day, so the idea during the day is to go short and see the fall, and then return. Step on the support and then take more. Operational ideas: The first rebound in the morning is 1600, and the layout is empty, 1610 is covered, the unified defense is 1630, and the target is 1550 (auxiliary operation, one chance)! The area below 1520-1540 falls back in batches, defending 1495 and targeting 1600 (main operation)! This article was originally created by Xiao Feng Lunbi. The above analysis is only my personal opinion and is for your reference only. Please indicate the source when reprinting!

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